Pax 3 Review 2024: 4 Pros & 1 Con of Pax 3

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Pax 3 represents the newest addition to the Pax line of vaporizers. About ten years ago, Pax made a significant impact on the vaporizer scene with their introduction of an innovatively straightforward and efficient device. Known for its quality, simplicity reminiscent of Apple products, and durability, Pax has established a strong reputation.

The company was founded by two Stanford graduates who were disillusioned with the existing vaporizers on the market. They were taken aback by the subpar quality of the devices available at the time they launched their venture.

What’s Difference Between Pax 2 and Pax 3?

The most notable difference is the rapid heating capability of the Pax 3, along with its new features like a concentrates insert and a companion app. It also sports a slightly sleeker design.

Pax now faces competition in the premium segment of the portable vaporizer market, with contenders like The FireFly 2.

The moment you hold the Pax 3, you’ll immediately appreciate its superior design and build quality. Crafted from aluminum with smooth, rounded edges, it’s designed to slip effortlessly into your pocket. The simplicity of its design, featuring minimal moving parts or buttons, makes it nearly foolproof. You can even load the bowl in complete darkness, which is perfect for those moments when you need a discreet puff in low-light settings.

Heat Up Speed

For any vaporizer, especially portable ones, a crucial feature is the speed at which it can heat up and become ready to use. Pax claims their vaporizer heats up in 10-15 seconds, and I’ve found this to be accurate. However, if you prefer vaping at higher temperatures, expect it to take a bit longer—over 20 seconds—to reach the maximum heat.

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It’s worth noting that vaping at high temperatures isn’t something I generally recommend. There’s a common misconception that producing a large, white cloud means you’re getting more benefits, but actually, the reverse is often true. Feel free to test the device at a high setting to see the impressive cloud it can produce. After that, I suggest experimenting with lower temperatures, which can enhance the extraction of the plant’s compounds that are best released at lower heat levels.

The Three Covers or Lids

The versatility of the Pax 3 extends beyond just vaporizing dry flowers; it can also handle oils and concentrates with its special concentrates insert. For herb alone, you have the regular oven lid and the half oven lid—the latter is ideal when you’re looking to vaporize just a small amount of ground flower, tailoring the device for less material usage.

One aspect of the concentrates insert that irks me is that it doesn’t sit perfectly flush with the vaporizer’s end. I really hope the team at Pax Labs addresses this in future designs. For those who find themselves compulsively straightening slightly askew pictures on walls, this minor detail might be an annoyance.

While the Pax 3 handles concentrates adequately, its true strength lies in vaporizing flower. It’s a significant advantage to have the capability to switch between concentrates and flower in one portable device, especially when you’re out and about.

Charging, They Nailed It

The charging process couldn’t be simpler with the Pax 3. Just place it on its concave charging rest, and it begins charging automatically. There’s really nothing more to add—it’s straightforward and effective.

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Mouth Pieces

Using the Pax 3 is quite intuitive for me; I prefer to just pop off the flat cover, place my mouth over the device, and draw. However, for those who prefer to purse their lips while drawing, the narrow mouthpiece is the perfect fit. This feature offers a comfortable alternative for different vaping styles.

What’s Included In The Box

Included with each Pax 3

  • Vaporizer
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Charging Cable and Dock
  • Battery
  • Maintenance kit with Multi-Tool
  • Oven Lids (2)
  • Free App
  • Warranty – 10 Year

Size of The Bowl

The bowl size on the Pax 3 is ideally suited for two to three casual hits for an average-sized adult, and it’s very easy to clean out afterward. You can simply tap the side of the vaporizer and tip it upside down, or use the provided tool to empty the bowl efficiently.


When Pax first entered the market, their products commanded a premium due to the lack of comparable options. Although a few competitors have started to catch up, the Pax 3 remains highly recommendable. Its ease of use, quality construction, and quick heat-up time make it an outstanding choice, particularly for those seeking a portable vaporizer.


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