Lazarus Naturals CBD 2024 Review: What You Need to Know

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I’m sure many of you can understand when I say that sometimes, my anxiety feels like it’s holding me back from fully enjoying life.

Falling into that endless loop of overthinking and constant “what-ifs” can really drain my energy and take away from my happiness. And trying to silence those worries often seems nearly impossible.

But then, I discovered Lazarus Naturals.

What You Really Need To Know About Lazarus Naturals

Dealing with anxiety from my teenage years into adulthood, I reached a point where I knew I had to take charge of my wellbeing.

I chose Lazarus Naturals for their mindfully produced CBD offerings, and I’ve decided there’s no turning back.

Their robust full-spectrum CBD tinctures and user-friendly CBD capsules are crafted from 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring top efficacy and consistent quality with every batch.

But Lazarus Naturals offers more than just premium products.

They also run assistance programs that offer significant 60% discounts to veterans, people with long-term disabilities, and those from low-income households.

Affordable, exceptional CBD products that truly consider the consumer? Absolutely, but let’s delve deeper into that shortly.

Why People Are Turning To CBD For Anxiety

Are you aware that anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health conditions affecting adults right now?

According to a 2017 report from the World Health Organization, almost 264 million people globally suffer from anxiety, ranging from social anxiety and panic disorders to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Anxiety manifests in various forms, yet regardless of the type you’re experiencing, CBD can help. It interacts naturally with your body to diminish your symptoms, helping you feel more like yourself again.

Conventional Medications Aren’t Cutting It

It’s quite common for individuals with an anxiety disorder to also battle depression (or the other way around), and pharmaceutical companies have introduced several prescription drugs aimed at addressing these conditions.

Yet, many of these standard medications are intended for short-term relief and carry a high risk of addiction—so much so that benzodiazepines, such as Xanax and Valium, account for 30% of opioid-related overdoses.

Moreover, these drugs often bring about severe side effects, including memory issues, dangerously low blood pressure, and even depression itself.

Despite these risks, such prescriptions remain the primary treatment option for anxiety and depression offered by mainstream healthcare providers. But isn’t there a better alternative?

How Does CBD Reduce Anxiety?

Our body is equipped with a natural, biological system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which operates through cannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain, spinal cord, and immune system. This system is pivotal in regulating various cognitive and physiological processes, including pain, appetite, memory, and mood.

A key mechanism by which CBD alleviates anxiety is by sustaining levels of anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule.” This naturally occurring chemical in the ECS helps maintain homeostasis and acts much like your body’s own internal antidepressant.

However, anandamide is quick to break down, making it challenging for our bodies to produce enough of it to manage the pressures of our hectic lives.

When levels of anandamide fall out of balance, it significantly impacts our mood, happiness, fear, anxiety, and our overall ability to handle stress. This imbalance can lead to a range of issues, from depression to schizophrenia.

CBD Boosts Your Body’s Natural Antidepressant

When CBD is introduced into the body, it interacts with the system in a way that slows the breakdown of anandamide by binding to the enzymes responsible for its degradation.

This action keeps anandamide in your system for a longer period, allowing the endocannabinoid system to operate more effectively. As a result, it helps reduce anxiety, ease pain and inflammation, and promote restful sleep—essentially, your ECS can manage these functions effectively, provided it has the right support.

What Types Of Problems Can Lazarus Naturals Help?

Maintaining a well-functioning endocannabinoid system is crucial for both your mental and physical well-being, and it’s clear how intertwined these two aspects are.

Lazarus Naturals is dedicated to offering superior products tailored to support various health needs. Their formulations are designed to enhance restful sleep, promote healthy joint and cartilage function, alleviate nausea, increase relaxation, and effectively manage anxiety.

Moreover, Lazarus Naturals offers products with varying concentrations, allowing you to find the right level of support for your specific needs of anxiety or discomfort. This adaptability makes it one of the most versatile CBD brands available today.

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Lazarus Naturals Makes Products For Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia, and Nausea

Lazarus Naturals provides an extensive range of products that effectively address numerous mental and physical health issues, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Muscular and skeletal injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

These offerings highlight the brand’s commitment to helping manage a diverse array of conditions.

Which Lazarus Naturals Products Are Right For You?

Whether you’re aiming to ease anxiety, manage chronic pain, or simply want to explore the wide-ranging health benefits of CBD, Lazarus Naturals has a product tailored to meet your needs.

Kiss Your Anxiety Goodbye With 15 mg Full Spectrum Tincture 

It’s well-known that managing anxiety can profoundly affect your decisions around diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle. This has certainly been true in my experience.

Ever since I began incorporating Lazarus Naturals’ 15 mg CBD hemp oil into my daily routine, I’ve noticed significant improvements. I make healthier choices at meals, I no longer agonize over work calls or presentations, and I’ve found a renewed enthusiasm for exercise.

The energy you conserve when anxiety isn’t dominating your thoughts is truly remarkable 🙂

Overall, I feel more relaxed, balanced, and genuinely happier since I started using this fast-acting oil.

Each milliliter of Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency Oil contains 15 mg of CBD, crafted from the finest ingredients, including organic hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and hemp extract.

But there’s more…

When compared with other well-known CBD brands, Lazarus Naturals stands out not just for quality but also for affordability.

And don’t mistake affordable for inferior quality!

Lazarus Naturals uses industrial hemp grown on their own farms and extracts the CBD using an ethanol-based process. This method ensures the final product is not only free from residual plant materials but also rich in CBD.

High Potency 50 mg Tincture Lasts Up To 6 Hours

Living with constant anxiety is exhausting, and for those of us battling chronic anxiety, sleepless nights are all too common.

It’s a truly harsh cycle.

However, this relentless cycle of anxiety and fatigue seems less daunting with Lazarus Naturals’ High Potency CBD Tincture at your side.

This organic, all-natural tincture delivers a robust 50 mg of CBD per 1 ml, providing relief for up to six hours. It’s ideal for those seeking a solid night’s sleep, enduring pain relief, or sustained anxiety reduction throughout the day.

Additionally, Lazarus Naturals offers their high potency tinctures in a variety of sizes and flavors. You can choose from 750 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg options, and enjoy flavors like Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla Mocha, or the classic Original.

CBD Isolate Tincture Has 100 Percent Zero THC

Just like the Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture, their Isolate Tincture packs 50 mg of CBD per 1 ml, offering rapid and enduring effects for up to six hours.

But there’s a key difference: the isolate formula is 100% THC-free.

Yes, you heard correctly.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who either oppose THC on personal grounds or are concerned about the possibility of failing a workplace drug test. Lazarus Naturals ensures you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without these worries.

Furthermore, Lazarus Naturals’ isolate tincture comes in several enticing flavors. Choose from options like Wintermint, Blood Orange, or the especially popular Tropical Breeze—a light, refreshing hint of citrus perfect for taking sublingually or mixing into your favorite drink.

Is Flavorless Really Flavorless?

If you prefer your CBD without any added flavors, Lazarus Naturals’ unflavored tincture could be exactly what you need.

Crafted with pure CBD isolate and blended with only high-quality fractionated coconut oil, this tincture is as close to flavorless as I’ve ever encountered. It’s not completely devoid of taste, but it’s very subtle.

Like all Lazarus Naturals products, their CBD Isolate is thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories to ensure it’s free of potency issues, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Moreover, Lazarus Naturals is transparent about these test results, posting them directly on their website, so you can see exactly what you’re getting in each bottle.

RSO CBD Oil Makes Exact Dosing A Breeze

While Lazarus Naturals’ CBD oils include droppers that simplify measurement, there are times when you might seek an even quicker, cleaner method of ingestion.

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Enter Lazarus Naturals’ CBD RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil.

This product comes in syringes available in 10ml and 50ml sizes, each containing 100mg of CBD per ml. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for easy control over dosage sizes—fast and fuss-free.

Crafted with full-spectrum extract, the RSO CBD oil can be taken sublingually, blended into food, or even used to create your own homemade edibles.

CBD Balm Will Melt Your Stress Away In Just 10 Minutes

Beyond their tinctures, Lazarus Naturals also offers a remarkable selection of rich CBD balms that are ideal for keeping stress at bay throughout the day or helping you unwind before sleep.

You have the option to choose from scents like Cedar Citrus, Soothing Mint, or – my personal recommendation – Lavender, which offers a refreshing floral scent that’s fantastic for relaxation.

A little of this balm truly goes a long way.

Available in .5 oz (300 mg) and 2 oz (1200 mg) containers, just a half teaspoon of this balm delivers an impressive 50 mg of CBD!

It’s easy to see why it acts so swiftly. Just apply a small amount to your temples, the insides of your wrists, or any area of discomfort, and you’ll feel potent relief within minutes.

25 mg CBD Capsules Offer Powerful, On-The-Go Relief

If you’re always on the move and prefer not to deal with liquids or balms, Lazarus Naturals offers an excellent alternative with their top-tier CBD in capsule form.

These capsules rank among Lazarus Naturals’ bestsellers and are packed with whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil. This ensures a broad spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for comprehensive benefits.

The 25 mg option is particularly popular, but these capsules are also available in 10 mg and 50 mg strengths. You can choose from quantities ranging from 10 to 200 capsules per bottle, allowing you to find the perfect match for your specific needs.

CBD Oil Tinctures For Pets Of Every Size

Lazarus Naturals extends the wellness benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil to our furry friends too!

Their fast-acting, highly absorbable pet tinctures are available in various strengths, designed to cater to small, medium, and large pets, offering them numerous health benefits.

The tinctures come in 225 mg and 900 mg CBD options, each delivering 15 mg of CBD per ml. While these products contain the same high-quality hemp oil as Lazarus’ human tinctures, the CBD concentration is adjusted to better suit the specific needs of pets.

Administering these tinctures is incredibly straightforward. You can drizzle the oil over your pet’s food, apply it directly into their mouth, or even incorporate it into treat time in a fun way.

The liquid format provides precise dosage control, ensuring that your pet receives the right amount of CBD each time. Plus, you can easily adjust the dosage as necessary. For optimal dosing, Lazarus Naturals recommends:

  • Less than 15lbs: 3 drops (1.5mg)
  • 15-30lbs: 6 drops (3mg)
  • 30-60lbs: 10 drops (5mg)
  • Over 60lbs: 20 drops (10mg)

This allows you to tailor the CBD experience to your pet’s size and needs seamlessly.

Wait…There Are More Products?

In their pursuit to deliver high-quality products that meet diverse needs and lifestyles, Lazarus Naturals boasts one of the most extensive product ranges available.

Beyond the items we’ve discussed, they also provide unique options like CBD-infused coconut oil, massage oil, and sample packs. These additions make it easy and economical for you to explore and find the products that best suit your needs. Whether you’re new to CBD or looking to expand your usage, these offerings ensure that there’s something for everyone.

Bottom Line:

Lazarus Naturals stands out not only for their exceptionally high manufacturing standards but also for their commendable ethical leadership, making it a brand truly by the people, for the people.

Whether your goal is to diminish anxiety, ease pain, or simply tap into the myriad benefits of CBD, Lazarus Naturals excels at merging quality with affordability. If you’re searching for a trustworthy CBD brand that prioritizes both efficacy and economic accessibility, look no further than Lazarus Naturals.


Product TypeProductPrice
Standard Potency Oils225 mg Oil$12
Standard Potency Oils900 mg Oil$38
Standard Potency Oils1800 mg Oil$70
High Potency Oils750 mg Oil$32
High Potency Oils3000 mg Oil$110
High Potency Oils6000 mg Oil$200
High Potency Oils750 mg Isolate Oil$40
High Potency Oils3000 mg Isolate Oil$125
Balm0.5 oz Balm$15
CBD Capsules25 mg CBD Capsules 10-Count$15

Additional Brand Features:

  • 60% discount for veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and low-income households
  • 100% all-natural
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Third-party lab-tested for purity and potency

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