Foria Awaken 2024 Sensual & Intimacy Products Review

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Are you on the hunt for a natural, effective product to enhance your intimate moments?

One that delivers results without being packed with unpronounceable chemicals?

Then you might want to consider Foria.

Leading the way in CBD-infused products aimed at boosting sexual pleasure and easing menstrual discomfort, Foria really covers all the bases.

Their range includes everything from CBD oils designed to heighten sensuality to suppositories that alleviate period pain, promising a transformative experience. More details on that shortly.

What You Really Need To Know About Foria

Let me get straight to the point:

Foria has consistently been at the forefront of developing non-psychoactive cannabinoid products focused on sexual wellness and menstrual comfort.

Given the personal nature of their offerings, the purity of their products is Foria’s top priority.

To start, they use only the finest ingredients, such as organically grown, US-sourced hemp.

Moreover, each product undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure it is free from pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other harmful contaminants.

This guarantees that you’re not introducing anything into your body that you wouldn’t otherwise consume—a claim that many other sexual health products cannot make.

Lab Test Results Look Great

But which products are the best fit for you?

If you’re in search of CBD to enhance sexual pleasure, alleviate menstrual discomfort, or improve your overall health, Foria offers a selection that you’re sure to appreciate.

Experience Natural, Euphoric Pleasure with Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

Foria has revolutionized the way women and their partners experience the profound pleasure and therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids through their Awaken Arousal Oil.

This oil is the first entirely natural sensual enhancement product crafted with a multi-cannabinoid formula.

It features a soothing mix of kava kava root, CBD-rich hemp, coconut oil, and cacao.

Also infused with a variety of essential oils known for their aphrodisiac properties, such as cardamom and peppermint, Awaken works synergistically with your body’s innate mechanisms.

This creates an entourage effect that boosts arousal, enhances natural lubrication, and amplifies tactile sensation, leading to deeper, more intense orgasms that are more readily achievable.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Awaken also eases physical tension and discomfort, providing the relaxation and enjoyment essential for a fulfilling sensual experience and restorative rest.

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The rich chocolate and mint aroma of the oil enriches its sensation-enhancing effects, which become noticeable just minutes after application and gentle massage.

The oil’s precise spray applicator ensures targeted application, maximizing efficiency—just a small amount is needed for significant effects.

Using Foria Awaken Oil can bring numerous advantages, including:

  • Diminished stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced relaxation and mental clarity
  • Increased hormonal production and libido
  • Alleviation of discomfort and pain, including symptoms associated with menopause
  • Heightened physical sensitivity and sensation

Weed Lube Is a Game-Changer

A must-have for the bedroom, Foria’s Intimacy Lubricant (previously known as Foria Pleasure) offers a natural, smooth addition to your intimate moments, whether alone or with a partner.

This CBD-infused lubricant enhances the natural, fragrant slickness of organic MCT oil and other essential oils with broad-spectrum CBD.

The effects are truly remarkable.

You can expect reduced muscle tension, improved blood circulation, and even diminished pain signals.

But the benefits don’t end there.

This lubricant also promotes tissue oxygenation and eases discomfort, whether during or after intimacy.

Its light, non-greasy texture and moisturizing properties elevate your sexual experiences to new heights.

A crucial note: remember to use non-latex condoms, as the Intimacy Lubricant is oil-based.

Foria Flow Provides Instant Relief AND Tastes Amazing

Alongside their oils, Foria also presents Flow, a top-tier vaporizer featuring 450 mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract mixed with a variety of therapeutic botanicals.

The ingredients in Flow are entirely natural and organic, housed in an elegant ceramic and glass core to ensure the cleanest, most flavorful CBD vapor possible.

Unlike many disposable vape pens, the Flow CBD Vaporizer is also reusable.

Each inhalation offers delightful hints of peppermint, vanilla, and cacao, providing a soothing and invigorating boost whether you’re at work, enjoying leisure time, or in the bedroom.

Plus, since vaping is the quickest way to deliver CBD, Foria’s vaporizer not only impresses with its taste but also offers rapid calming effects within just minutes.4

Melt Away Period Pains With Basic CBD Suppositories

The arrival of Aunt Flo often brings with it abdominal cramps, lower back pain, and muscle soreness — hardly the highlights of any month.

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That’s precisely why Foria created the first CBD suppository specifically tailored to offer targeted, natural relief from menstrual pain, all without the undesirable side effects associated with over-the-counter drugs.

Infused with organic cocoa butter and a substantial 100 mg of CBD, Basics CBD Suppositories provide immediate, soothing relief precisely where it’s most needed.

Click On The Link And Learn Which Foria Product Is Right For You

Once you use these suppositories, they quickly target local receptors, acting much faster than tinctures or edibles.

They efficiently soothe inflammation in the muscle and vascular tissues of the upper vagina and uterus almost immediately.

The outcome?

You can say goodbye to curling up in the fetal position and trying to comfort yourself with chocolate.

Instead, you’ll experience rapid, enduring relief that lets you continue with your day.

And of course, you can still enjoy some chocolate if you feel like it, because who doesn’t appreciate a bit of chocolate during their period?

It’s also a key reason why Foria includes it in many of their products!

Foria Basics Tonic Provides Relief in Just Minutes

Foria Basics Tonic marks the debut of Foria’s array of straightforward CBD supplements, crafted from the finest ingredients for easy dosage.

Every dose of this tonic packs a potent 17 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in certified organic MCT oil, ideal for sublingual use or as an addition to your preferred drink.

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, a premium nutrient and highly digestible energy source without carbohydrates, serves as an excellent carrier for CBD.

What does this mean for you?

Foria Basics Tonic acts significantly faster than other CBD offerings, with effects noticeable within minutes.

But the benefits extend beyond easing tension and discomfort.

This tincture also enhances sleep quality and strengthens the immune system.

In Summary:

Foria’s offerings are crafted from the highest-quality hemp and are designed to enhance your life and that of your partner.

If you’re looking to elevate your sexual wellness, alleviate menstrual discomfort, and support your body’s overall health and balance, Foria is your go-to choice.


ProductPriceKey Features
Awaken CBD Arousal Oil$48Broad-spectrum CBD, no additives, THC-free
Intimacy Lubricant$50Broad-spectrum CBD, 100% organic
Flow CBD Vaporizer$78Broad-spectrum CBD, lab-tested
Basics CBD Suppositories$72Broad-spectrum CBD, organic ingredients
Basics CBD Tonic$98Broad-spectrum CBD, no preservatives
General Attributes
Hemp SourceCalifornia and Colorado
Ingredients100% organic ingredients
Lab TestingPurity and potency
Guarantee14-day money-back guarantee on initial purchase

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